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Pink Roseロゴマーク


We will carefully respond to various problems, requests, doubts, and questions that arise while working and living in Japan and solve them with the power of our team.


Getting Started

We will guide you and give the knowledge necessary to start living in Japan, as well as provide thorough information about the basics regarding taxes and social security

Various services

We will help support you with regards to family visas, administrative procedures, school, insurance, bank procedures, etc.




We support daily bookkeeping and preparation of tax return documents together with our experts.
We will help create opportunities for you to communicate with Japanese people based on information that is useful for living in Japan, as well as teach you the unique customs.
Pink Roseロゴマーク

Service Features


Startup seminar

Regardless if you are an individual or a team, we will explain three important points to foreign athletes and foreign residents to create a smooth start to living in Japan.
①Tax system
②Mechanism of the social security system
③Knowledge to live comfortably in Japan
株式会社Pink Rose|スタートアップセミナー
Three points
Seminars are held for large groups, but can also be held online or in a conference room. Knowledge about these three points is important to preventing troubles and problems related to compliance in advance.


While imparting basic knowledge about taxes and expenses that change depending on the amount of income, tax returns and financial processing will be done with our experts. This will also prevent troubles such as dealing with extra income and tax obligations after returning to Japan.

Book keeping

Sorting out documents

Tax consulation,etc.

Tax office

Electronic filing

Tax accountant

Tax return preparation

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