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Creating a
“Safe and Secure Lifestyle”
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so athletes can concentrate on what they do best
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Pink Roseロゴ

How we can help

We provide all kinds of support so that foreign athletes perform at their best and their families can live in peace.


We are the bridge of communication


Foreigners immigrating to Japan


Financial Advice



Resident support


Japanese immigrating from Japan to overseas

Language training



Pink Roseロゴ

The reason people love Pink Rose Co., Ltd.

1. Breadth of Experience

Through learning and teaching English, I have had the opportunity to interact with many foreigners living in Japan. Also, by studying abroad, working at a business school, and working for companies of all sizes, I have gained the knowledge and experience needed to support people living and working abroad as foreigners.

2. Our Support for a variety of Nationalities

Thailand / Philippines / India / China / Myanmar / Vietnam / Sri Lanka / Malaysia / USA / Canada / Peru / France / Italy / Czechoslovakia / Germany / United Kingdom / Russia / Australia / New Zealand / Nigeria etc.

3. Our Support System of Specialists

We have an all around support system with specialists in various fields including tax accountants, administrative scriveners, lawyers, judicial scriveners, and social insurance labor consultants, as well as corporate managers and academics.

In addition to our professionalism, we value and place the utmost importance on humanity and experience, with a comprehensive support team for all aspects of life for athletes and their family.

Pink Roseロゴ



Our job is a service that started from the desire to help athletes from overseas that they are having trouble not only with money but also with various things.

There are many things that even Japanese people find difficult to start living in Japan, such as moving, raising children, and interacting with neighbors and friends. For foreigners with language barriers, these things may seem like a bigger barrier than you can imagine.

Our service is to solve these various problems one by one by using our experience, the power of language, and the knowledge of experts.

We believe that it is most important for athletes from overseas to create an environment where they can concentrate on playing during their stay in Japan.

We are delighted to be able to support athletes who are facing rigorous training as they grow while increasing their value.

We will do our utmost to support the anxieties and doubts in the new environment and various problems that occur every day, and protect our customers with great love and warm heart like a mother.

Pink Rose Objectives and Mission

Pink Rose Co., Ltd.
President  Miyuki Hirose
Pink Roseロゴ

​Pink Rose Vision

Pink Rose Vision
Pink Roseロゴ

Company Profile

Company Name 
Pink Rose Co., Ltd.

2F, 2-14, Tanimachi 6 choume, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city

Tokyo Office
303-1-30-1 Bessho, Hachioji City, Tokyo

April 2017

May 7, 2019

Nature of Business
Accounting and Life Support for Foreign Athletes
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