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Accounting Service

Pink Roseロゴマーク

About service

We will work with you to help you easily understand how to manage your money well.

Those who have freelance contracts directly with team companies must declare their income, even if they are foreigners. We will help make this stress-free by providing you with lectures to explain the costs involved.

Annual Flat Rate (12months)

・Receipts sorting


・Data entry/assistance for tax return documentation

​・Monthly home visit support

Pink Roseロゴマーク

Features of our services

1. Hosting Start-up Seminars

We will explain three important points to foreign athletes (and residents) to create a smooth start to living in Japan, regardless of whether they are individual athletes or belong to a team.
Three points
①The taxation system
②The social security system
③Basic knowledge for living safely in Japan
株式会社Pink Rose|スタートアップセミナー
Seminars are held for large groups, but can also be held online or in a conference room. Knowledge about these three points is important in preventing troubles and problems related to living in Japan .

2 Friendly Support from Field Expert

We can handle all kinds of complex accounting issues. We will share basic knowledge about the variable tax rates (based on income), and work with you to correctly submit your income tax report and other financial affairs. We also help with secondary income as well and help prevent problems that may occur due to tax obligations after your departure from Japan.





Material Creation



Tax consulation,etc.

Tax Office
Tax Counsellors

Filing Income Tax

Electronic Reports

3. Support for a Comfortable Life in Japan

In order to help you live comfortably in Japan, we support both your financial management and daily needs. We help with organization basics so you can have a pleasant, stress-free experience in Japan
Accounting Service
Life Support Services
We will support all aspects of your hopes for an easy life in Japan.
Pink Roseロゴマーク

Services Flow

We will carefully respond to various problems, requests, and questions that occur while you are working and living in Japan, and solve them with the power of teamwork.


Start-up Seminar

You will learn basic knowledge about taxation and social welfare, as well as basic daily life, in order to start your new life in Japan.

Contracts for your Supports

We provide assistance for players and their families, including visas, administrative procedures, schooling, insurance, banking, and more.

Accounting and Finances

Our experts offer daily support and assistance with book-keeping and filing of tax reports
Pink Roseロゴマーク

Cost of Services

The prices are the cost for contracts between us and the individual clients. Please consult with us about additional legal matters. 

●Annual Flat Rate (12 months)

For sales under
¥10 million

¥200,000+ tax

For sales between
¥10 million and ¥30 million

¥360,000+ tax

For sales of over
¥30 million

¥540,000+ tax

Discounts are available

5% off for repeat clients
5% off for referrals

*Negotiable for sales of 50 million yen or more.
*Final tax returns are filed directly with a tax accountant and a separate filing fee is required.

Accounting support & Full Life Support Package

Extra value for requesting total support

●Annual Flat Rate (12months)

The prices listed below are for your reference. Prices differ based on family size. Please ask us for further details.

Sample: 3-person family (Couple plus one child)

For sales under
¥10 million

¥1,050,000+ tax〜      (Save ¥50,000)

For sales between
¥10 million and ¥30 million

¥1,210,000+ tax     (Save ¥50,000)

For sales of over
¥30 million

¥1,390,000+ tax     (Save ¥50,000)

*Negotiable for sales of 50 million yen or more.

Please contact us for further details.

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