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Pink Roseロゴマーク

Our plan​

Pink Rose has two support plans to help provide a comfortable environment in Japan for foreign athletes and their families.

Accounting Service

Translation and Accounting Support


We will help you manage your money well with specialists in various fields, including  accountants.

Living support service

Life support 


We aim to solve issues involving all aspects of life on a team, company, or organization.

Pink Roseロゴマーク

Frequently Asked Questions

■ About Accounting Support 

I don't understand how the social system works in Japan.

Our accounting support staff will explain the basic social security system to you at a start-up seminar. This is very important knowledge in order to have a smooth stay in Japan, so we recommend you attend the seminar.

Can I get income tax advice from you?

Our professional tax accountants can help you through the filing process, giving you all the advice you need.

I am not sure how to send money overseas. I am not comfortable going to the bank by myself.

No need to worry. We will serve as an in-between with you and the bank. We will interpret for you, fill in forms when needed, and help solve any unclarities that come up during the process.

■ About Living Support

It is difficult to understand how things work in Japan.

Our living support staff offers you a start-up seminar when you first arrive, explaining to you all the basic information you will need for life in Japan. We also offer monthly visits to your home, at which times we can support your family in various ways.

Are you able to give us advice about schooling for our children?

Our living support team will help you through the process of finding schools and cram schools, as well as explain the system to you. We can also fill in Japanese forms on your behalf that need to be submitted to the schools.

I have worries about childbirth in Japan.

We will help alleviate your worries and help you through childbirth.
A female member of our staff will accompany you to the hospital, and take you through the paperwork process and other matters after the birth of your child.

Pink Roseロゴマーク


We are here to address the concerns of the players and their families.

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